2002 Boise Moving Trip Map

July 2002. I had ridden the bagger from San Jose via Oakland to Lincoln that Wednesday, stayed the nite at my bud Steve's ranch, and caught the train from Roseville back to San Jose the next morning then rode the new cruiser up that day.

Mike Plant, a Software Applications Supervisor at the Yuba Community College District, and a good bud, rode his FLST down from Marysville, and parked it in Steve's garage in rural Lincoln. We then embarked on what was to be a 15-hour motorcycle trip of roughly 700 miles out to Boise, ID. We left around 7am that Friday for Oroville.

1st stop: gas/butt break in Chico

75 miles/75 total. It was slow going north on Hwy 70 from Lincoln at least until we hit the 4-lane stretch close to Marysville. We stopped at the Chevron in Oroville only to find it closed due to the power being out. Rather than backtrack a couple of miles south, we continued north onto Hwy 99 into Chico, and filled the bikes at the Chevron north of the 99/32 jct. About 30 minutes later, we got back on Hwy 99 and grabbed the Hwy 32 off-ramp towards Chester.

2nd stop: Breakfast in Chester

70 miles/145 total. Got to say that Hwy 32 from Chico to the junction of Hwy 36 was the absolute best part of the route. Has everything a motorcyclist could want including twisties, scenery, no traffic, and climbs up to around the 5,000' mark where it's cooler than the valley down below. We stopped at Dan's Family Restaurant in Chester for a late breakfast, and well deserved butt break. When we left about one hour later, the temperature had climbed from 75 to 85 degrees.

3rd stop: gas/butt break in Susanville

35 miles/180 total. Hwy 36 from Chester to Susanville was a little slow as we approached the town limits. This was just a gas/butt break stop with refreshments. It was getting warm by now so parking in the shade became the plan for reminder of trip. We switched bikes here, and turned north on Hwy 139 to Adin.

4th stop: butt break in Adin

67 miles/247 total. Got to say that Hwy 139 from Susanville to Adin was a nice ride. Here at the northeast corner of Hwys 139/299 is the Texaco service station where we took a nice break with liquid refreshments. The woman in photo above is wondering whether she can squeeze btw the bikes to the women's room. That's where the shade was so WTF. ;^)

5th stop: gas/butt break in Alturas

40 miles/287 total. After departing Adin, we followed Hwy 299 into Alturas, and stopped at the Chevron there for fuel and fluids. Again, we sought shade wherever we could find it. We left about 30 minutes later, and cut north on US-395 to Oregon.

6th stop: gas/butt break in Lakeview

53 miles/340 total. We topped off our tanks at the Union 76 station in Lakeview, Oregon to ensure we'd have enough fuel to reach Burns. Switched bikes for the final time. We had reached the halfway point of our ride.

7th stop: butt break at rest stop

55 miles/395 total. Just north of Hogback Summit we pulled into this rest stop, and took a break. This part of the ride was a little too monotonous, and became more so after we departed towards Ridley where US-395 ended at OR-20.

Grumbler on US-395 in Oregon

Mike Plant snapped this pix a couple of miles north of the rest stop while riding behind me on the bagger. He also tried to take a picture while riding alongside, but it was outta focus, unfortunately.

Mike Plant on US-395 in Oregon

Mike Plant's self-portrait a couple of miles north of the rest stop ... looks good, eh? ;^)

Final stop: arrived in Boise

86 miles/481 total. After the rest stop we rode to the Chevron in Hines/Burns then grabbed supper at the Apple-something-or-the-other coffee shop right across the street. Noticed that there's a nice looking motel right next to it. We chilled for awhile, and were feeling pretty tired what with being on the road for almost 12 hours.

132 miles/613 total. Other than a short stop 1/2 hour west of Vale for Mike's smoke break, we rode directly to Ontario that night collecting tons of juice bugs, and connected to eastbound I-84.

60 miles/673 total. After getting on I-84, Mike removed his beanie helmet as Idaho doesn't have a helmet law. We stopped at the Chevron next to Boise Airport for fuel then reached my house a few minutes later. We were beat, and it was almost midnight.

Bighorn Brewing Company

We had a killer lunch of burgers and Buttface brews at this brewpub the next day. It's right next to the famous Boise Greenbelt which parallels the Boise River.

Boise River

This was taken right next to the brewpub. Hundreds of rafts and kayaks can been seen on river during the warmer months. Barber Park off E. Amity Rd is where they're launched.

Lucky Peak Lake

This is right next to Hwy 21 north of Boise. Popular locale for swimming, and actually has a beach. Keep Our Forests Green, eh? Actually, it's WAY greener as you head north on Hwy 21 towards Idaho City, Lowman, Stanley, Salmon, and other destinations. At Lowman, can cut over to Banks, and follow Hwy 55 north to MaCall or south to Boise.

Smead Ranch in Lincoln

Early Sunday evening in backyard of Smead Ranch. That's Steve himself standing in the doorway. This is where I spent two nights.

Mike's FLST enroute to Marysville

Almost as commonplace as roadkill ... another broken Harley on side of road. Naw, it was just Mike Plant taking a smoke break on way home from Lincoln to Marysville.

All pics taken by Mike Plant and edited by Grumbler.